Once upon a time ...

A usability expert became web designer. He realised one day that spending so much time coding to create a website was totally irrelevant.

Everyday experience showed that the most important part of realising a site was not the the HTML, the CSS or even the features of the site, and yet he had to spend 80% of his billable time doing just that.

The 3 main keys for an effective website proved to be :

 • Identifying and answering the questions of the people who would browse the site.

 • Organising the content of the site to answer quickly these questions, 

 • in a way that Google will understand and map easily.

The webmaster became convinced that the person who best knows the readers of a particular site, their words and their questions, was the entrepreneur himself. 

  It was time to empower the right person. 

  It was already obvious in 2009 that the internet would soon become tactile and mobile.

  The idea behind SimDif was born.